Mount George Graham

Feature type: Mount
Province: British Columbia
Location: N of junction Moose and Fraser Rivers
Latitude: 52°58’00”
Longitude: 118°46’00”
NTS map: 83D/15
Official name listed at BC Geographical Names

Politician George Perry Graham (born 1859) was born in Eganville, Ontario. He became a member of the Ontario Legislature in 1898, and served there until 1907, when he was elected to the House of Commons. He was appointed Minister of Railways and Canals, and became Minister of Militia Defence and Minister of Naval Service in 1922. In 1925 he was appointed to His Majesty’s Privy Council and in 1926 to the Canadian senate.


  • Canadian Permanent Committee on Geographical Names. British Columbia representative: D.F. Pearson, director of surveys and mapping, B.C. Ministry of Environment, Victoria..

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