Mount Geikie

British Columbia. Mount
SE of Yellowhead Lake
52.7139 N 118.3914 W — Map 083D09 — GoogleGeoHackBivouac
Name officially adopted in 1951
Official in BCCanada
Elevation: 3298 m

Tonquin Pass and Geikie Range from the North (Vista Peak).
Photo, A.0. Wheeler

Tonquin Pass and Geikie Range from the North (Vista Peak).
Photo, A.0. Wheeler
Canadian Alpine Journal1922

“The kingpin of the famous Tonquin Valley” was named in 1898 by geologist James McEvoy [1862–1935] after Sir Archibald Geikie [1835–1924], the Scottish geologist who was director-general of the Geological Survey of Great Britain from 1882 to 1901.

The name was officially adopted in 1924 as labelled on the 1912 topographic map Mount Robson 1912 by Arthur Oliver Wheeler [1860–1945].

Alpinist Arnold Louis Mumm [1859–1927] said that the north face of Mount Geikie was composed of the most tremendous precipices he had ever seen.


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