Narraway River

British Columbia. River: Smoky River drainage
Flows NE across BC-Alberta boundary into Wapiti River
54.35 N 120 W — Map 093I08 — GoogleGeoHack
Name officially adopted in 1924
Official in BCCanada

“Narraway River” adopted in 1923 on BC-Alberta boundary sheet 40, not “Sheep Creek” as labelled on BC Lands’ maps 1G, 1916, and 1H, 1917, nor “Crooked River” as submitted on preliminary plans of the interprovincial boundary survey by Richard William Cautley [1873–1953], Dominion Land Surveyor.

Named after Athos Maxwell Narraway [1888–1974], DLS, who had surveyed the trail between Fort St. John and Fort Nelson River in 1921, and, as controller of surveys for the Department of Mines and Resources, Ottawa, had visited this area while inspecting Cautley’s interprovincial boundary survey party in 1922. He was co-author of Aircraft in Forestry: Containing Air Operations for Forest Fire Protection (1928) and Applied Aerial Photography (1929).

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