Mount Thompson

Mount. British Columbia: Malton Range, W of Canoe River
52°41’00” N 119°08’00” W — Map 83D/11 — Google
Name officially adopted in 1961. Official in BCCanada

Because of the relative proximity of Canoe Mountain and Mount Thompson at the head of Canoe River [later Canoe Reach Kinbasket Lake], this name likely refers to David Thompson, eminent explorer, who overwintered at the mouth of the Canoe River in 1811, before beginning his journey down the Columbia to the Pacific Ocean.

No mention in Raymond Zillmer’s reports on the exploration of the source of the Thompson River, the “Thompson” mentioned therein is Sir John Thompson, Canada’s 5th Prime Minister (Mount Sir John Thompson, about 25 miles northwest of here, was adopted in September 1927).


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