Rider Tunnel

British Columbia. Railway Point
CNR, E of Goat River
53°29’00” N 120°32’00” W — Map 93H/7 — GoogleGeoHack
Name officially adopted in 1930
Not currently an official name.

At Mile 108 west of the Yellowhead Pass, Mile 18 west of McBride in the Fraser subdivision on the Canadian National Railway.

It was necessary to construct a tunnel near Rider to facilitate traffic through the mountain. The tunnel was actually closer to Legrand than Rider even though it was called the “Rider Tunnel “The geography in that location was such that the hillside was prone to landslides which frequently covered the railway tracks. For many years a tunnel watchman was employed to monitor conditions to ensure safe rail travel. In her book, The Robson Valley Story, Marilyn Wheeler records that Ed Walsh, the orchardist from Legrand, was the “tunnel keeper” at Rider.

— Olson


  • Olson, Raymond W. Ghost Towns on the East Line. Prince George, B.C.: Raymond W. Olson, 2017, p. 127
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