Snowbird Pass

Alberta-BC boundary. Former unofficial name
E of Berg Lake, N of Lynx Mountain
53.148 N 119.0512 W GoogleGeoHack
Earliest known reference to this name is 1912
Not currently an official name.
This former unofficial name appears on:
Wheeler’s map Mount Robson 1912

“On the opposite side of Robson Glacier is a rock mass of similar construction to Rearguard,” noted Arthur Oliver Wheeler [1860–1945] during the Alpine Club of Canada’s 1911 expedition to the Mount Robson area. “It has been named Ptarmigan Mountain by Coleman, from the numbers of this species of grouse — Snowbirds, they are called by the hunters, prospectors and packers, from the fact that in winter they are pure white and their habitat is at snow line — seen on the alplands below them. Unfortunately, there is already a Ptarmigan Peak, Pass and Lake near Laggan on the C.P.R., and this name will require a change. Snowbird Mountain and Pass might be substituted.” Arthur Philomen Coleman [1852–1939] explored in the area in 1907 and 1908.

“Ptarmigan Mountain” is now called “Titkana Peak.” The pass apparently does not have an official name, although it is used by the BC Parks Branch.


  • Wheeler, Arthur Oliver [1860–1945]. “The Alpine Club of Canada’s expedition to Jasper Park, Yellowhead Pass and Mount Robson region, 1911.” Canadian Alpine Journal, Vol. 4 (1912):9-80
  • British Columbia Parks. Mount Robson Provincial Park
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