James Alexander Walker

James Alexander Walker

James Alexander Walker
Corporation of BCLS, 1956

James Alexander Walker [1887–1959]

b. 1887 — Guelph, Ontario
d. 1959 — Vancouver, British Columbia

James Alexander (Sandy) Walker was educated in Guelph Public Schools and Collegiate Institute and at the University of Toronto from which he obtained a diploma in civil engineering in 1908, a bachelor in applied science in 1910 and a post-graduate degrec of a civil engineer in 1926.

In 1911-1912 he was employed by the Surveyor-General of B.C. as chief examiner of survey notes. In April, 1912, Walker obtained the commission as a British Columbia Land Surveyor.

In 1912, 1913, and 1914 he was in charge of a B.C. Government land survey party along the Fraser River upstream from Prince George during the construction of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway.

In 1915 Walker entered private practice in Civil Engineering and Surveying, but he gave up this work to enlist with the C.E.F.. In 1916 he trained in the first course given by the Royal School of Infantry in Esquimalt, B.C. He received his commission as Lieutenant in the 72nd Seaforth Highlanders of Canada and trained with a Yukon Infantry Company 225th Battalion. Being refused for overseas service, he was transferred to the Canadian Field Artillery with headquarters in Ottawa.

After 1919 Walker established a private practice in Vancouver and subsequently served on planning commissions in that city.

Sources of biographical information about Walker:

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Walker is the namesake of the following places in the Mount Robson region:

Events in the Mount Robson region in which Walker was involved:

  • 1912 Walker surveys upper Fraser
Works pertinent to the Mount Robson region of which Walker was author or co-author:

  • —   Report on Surveys on the South Fork of Fraser River, Cariboo Disrict. Victoria, B.C.: Legislative Assembly, 1913. Google Books
  • —   “South fork of Fraser River, Dore River to Clearwater River. December 15, 1913.” Report of the Minister of Lands, (1914). Google Books
  • —   “South fork of Fraser River, vicinity of McBride. November 11, 1914.” Report of the Minister of Lands for the Province of British Columbia for the Year Ending 31st December 1914, (1915). Google Books

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