Wolverine Pass

Alberta-BC boundary. Former unofficial name
Smoky and Fraser drainages
Carcajou Pass
53.2333 N 119.2667 W GoogleGeoHack
Not currently an official name.

“Nearly midway between Bess Pass and Robson Pass is a pass of the watershed which is locally known as Wolverine Pass,” wrote boundary surveyor Arthur Wheeler [1860-1945 ]. The pass had been named by Donald Phillips [1884–1938]. “There is another Wolverine Pass in a more southerly part of the Canadian Rockies, so the pass under discussion is here referred to as Carcajou Pass, a synonym for Wolverine.”


  • Wheeler, Arthur Oliver [1860–1945], and Cautley, Richard William [1873–1953]. Report of the Commission appointed to delimit the boundary between the Provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. Part II. 1917 to 1921. From Kicking Horse Pass to Yellowhead Pass.. Ottawa: Office of the Surveyor General, 1924. Whyte Museum

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