Garrett Road

Feature type: road
Province: British Columbia
Location: Loops N off Hwy 16 W of McBride

In 1911, Albreda postmaster Ernest C. Cox entered in his diary, “Saw Craig, the fire warden, Ed Garrett and Kennedy.” Edmund Garrett (1879–1958) built a house west of McBride in the 1910s (it burned down in 1982). He accompanied Roy Hargreaves on a 1932 hunting trip that included Hollywood producer Darryl Zanuck. Garrett was the first grader operator in the McBride highways district; he operated the blade while another man drove the four-horse team. Garrett married Minnie Redman (1873–1966), who had come to McBride as governess for the local superintendent of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. “Minnie was a weaver, a flowery writer who specialized in obituaries, and a master of elocution,” recalls Sadie Frye (Monroe). Ed and Minnie are buried in the McBride cemetery.


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