Garrett Road

British Columbia. Road
Loops N off Highway 16 W of McBride
53.339 N 120.2631 W GoogleGeoHack
Roads are not in the official geographical names databases

In 1911, Albreda postmaster Ernest C. Cox entered in his diary, “Saw Craig, the fire warden, Ed Garrett and Kennedy.” Edmund Garrett [1879–1958] built a house west of McBride in the 1910s (it burned down in 1982). He accompanied Roy Hargreaves on a 1932 hunting trip that included Hollywood producer Darryl Zanuck. Garrett was the first grader operator in the McBride highways district; he operated the blade while another man drove the four-horse team. Garrett married Minnie Redman (1873–1966), who had come to McBride as governess for the local superintendent of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. “Minnie was a weaver, a flowery writer who specialized in obituaries, and a master of elocution,” recalls Sadie Frye (Monroe). Ed and Minnie are buried in the McBride cemetery.


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