Mount Jessie

Alberta. Mount
SE of Whiteshield Mountain
53.3022 N 119.3244 W — Map 083E06 — GoogleGeoHack
Name officially adopted in 1956
Official in Canada

Surveyor Alan John Campbell [1882–1967] named this mountain for his sister Jessie in 1925.

A Dominion Land Surveyor, Campbell worked on the Alberta-British Columbia Boundary Commission survey from 1913 to 1924. One of the privileges that fell to him as surveyor was naming mountains and passes. In this he says that he preferred to employ descriptive terms rather than commemorate the names of persons.

In the spring of 1913 Campbell went to Tête Jaune Cache in the Cariboo mountains. He traveled the Fraser River by canoe and raft and with Dalby Brooks Morkill [1880–1955] ran the Giscombe and Goat River Rapids. Up-river from Giscombe as far as McBride, Campbell surveyed land sections. He recalled that the first building in McBride was known as Dan’s Place. All other accommodation was in the form of tents, but in Dan’s Place one could rent half a bed for an eight hour stretch. Those beds, he recalls, were never empty.


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