Shovar Road

Feature type: road
Province: British Columbia
Location: Forks N off Museum Road

Bill Shovar (1882-) came to Canada from Ohio in 1905 and worked on bridge construction as the railways pushed westward. He was in Edmonton ahead of the steel and worked on the bridges at Fort Saskatchewan and over the Athabasca River in 1912. He married Elizabeth (ca. 1899-1986) in Edmonton in 1913. Elizabeth was born in Newfoundland and came west in 1912.

In 1914 Bill joined the railway as a conductor in Jasper. In 1934 they moved to a farm near McBride. In 1947 Shovar retired from his job as conductor. He was a Mason and was active in the Farmers’ Institute.


  • Valley Echo. Weekly newspaper published in McBride from 1957–62.

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