Small Creek

British Columbia. Creek: Fraser River drainage
Flows S into Fraser River, E of Croydon
53.05 N 119.6333 W — Map 83E/4 — GoogleGeoHack
Earliest known reference to this name is 1871 (Trutch)
Name officially adopted in 1951
Official in BCCanada

In 1909 Stanley Washburn [1878–1950] said that Small River was one of the names “given by the trappers.”

Edward Willet Dorland Holway [1853–1923], an American banker and mycologist, approached the creek from its headwaters in 1915:

At the head of Horse Creek is a great glacier with several peaks about 10,500 feet, and between Horse Creek and Small River, on a branch of which we now were, is a very fine glacier-covered mountain around 10,500 feet.…
We followed Small River to a cabin on the Fraser, where we found flour and potatoes, crossed in the morning to an old construction camp, where there were just spikes enough to build a small raft, upon which we piled our things and floated down to Croydon, where we had left our trunks.


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