The Colonel

Name officially adopted in 1923
Earliest known reference to this name is 1911
Feature type: Mountain
Province: British Columbia
Location: NE of Moose Lake
Latitude: 53°05’00” N
Longitude: 118°48’00” W
NTS map: 83E/2
Official name listed at BC Geographical Names
Also listed at Geographical Names in Canada
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Colonel Aimé Laussedat

Colonel Aimé Laussedat

Colonel AiméLaussedat (1819-1907) was a French scientist who, because of his contributions to the field of aerial photography, is called the “father of photogrammetry.”

Wheeler named the peak in 1911, during his circuit of Mount Robson:

“Across the valley from our camp a fine-looking peak stood out conspicuously. On a small scale the peak resembles one on the Blaeberry River, near its junction with the Columbia, named Mt. Laussedat, after Colonel Aimé Laussedat, a French scientist who first brought to notice the uses of photography in mountain surveying. The station is here referred to as ‘The Colonel.’ It is a very commanding peak and the view from its summit will repay the climb, which is nowhere difficult. It was a wondrous sight—seas of peaks does not express it—oceans of peaks rising high in every direction. The immensity of the view is astonishing—the immeasurable chaos of it all!”


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