White Falls

Feature type: Falls
Province: British Columbia
Location: Robson River, between Berg and Kinney lakes
Latitude: 53°07’00”
Longitude: 119°12’00”
NTS map: 83E/3
Official name listed at BC Geographical Names

Describing the course of the Robson River below the Falls of the Pool, Arthur Wheeler wrote, “the river proceeds on its way still deep in a rock canyon, to the last line of cliffs, down which it leaps in a great curve of foam. ‘The White Fall’ would be an appropriate name.”


  • Wheeler, Arthur O. and Cautley, R.W. Report of the Commission appointed to delimit the boundary between the Provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. Part III-A. Topographical surveys of the watershed. 1922, 1923, 1924. Ottawa: Office of the Surveyor General, 1924

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