Albreda River

British Columbia. River: North Thompson River drainage
Flows S into North Thompson River at Gosnell
52°29’00” N 119°08’00” W — Map 83D/6 — GoogleGeoHack
Earliest known reference to this name is 1900 (McEvoy)
Name officially adopted in 1961
Official in BCCanada
The name appear on James McEvoy’s 1900 map showing the Yellowhead Pass route from Edmonton to Tête-Jaune Cache.

So labelled on British Columbia Map 3J, 1914, and following maps, in association with Mount Albreda, which amed in association with Albreda Lake, a name dating to 1863.


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  • McEvoy, James [1862–1935]. Report on the geology and natural resources of the country traversed by the Yellowhead Pass route from Edmonton to Tête Jaune Cache comprising portions of Alberta and British Columbia. Ottawa: Geological Survey of Canada, 1900. Natural Resources Canada

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