Shere (railway point)

British Columbia. Railway point
Canadian National Railway, between Small Creek and Spittal Creek
53.0333 N 119.5833 W — Map 83E/4 — GoogleGeoHack
Earliest known reference to this name is 1911 (GTP map)
Name officially adopted in 1983
Official in BCCanada
56 miles west of the Yellowhead Pass on the Canadian National Railway
Mile 30 in Tete Jaune Subdivision (Red Pass to McBride as of 1977)
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway station built in 1913

The Grand Trunk Pacific Railway station at Shere (Mile 56) was named for a construction engineer.

SHERE: a flag station on the G. T. P. Railway, 7 miles east of Croydon, and 6 west of Tete Jaune Cache. Nearest telegraph office of G. T. P. is at Tete Jaune Cache. Population, 3 families. Local resources: Farming and mica-mining. Address mail Shere, via Tete Jaune Cache.
Goodell G trapping
Goodell L E trapping
McMillan Robert ranching
McNalley J section foreman

— Wrigley’s 1918

Wrigley’s also as another entry under Shere:

Esswein, Philip, Swift Creek
Esswein, W. B., Swift Creek
Faurnier, Benj , Swift Creek
Hawkins, J. W., Swift Creek
Wilson, Arthur, Swift Creek
Gibson, H , Syringa Creek

The Shere post office was open from 1923 to 1944 with J. A. McDougall [b. 1894] as postmaster. Less than ten examples of the cancellation mark are known in collections.


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