Twintree Lake

Alberta. Lake: Smoky River drainage
Headwaters of Smoky River
53.3892 N 119.1086 W — Map 083E06 — GoogleGeoHack
Name officially adopted in 1956
Topo map from Canadian Geographical Names

This name is associated with the report of a British mountaineering party that attempted an ascent of Mount Robson in 1910. John Norman Collie [1859–1942], Arnold Louis Mumm [1859–1927], and Moritz Inderbinen [1856–1926] were assisted by Fred Stephens [1897–1920] and John Yates [1880–?]. After failing to make an attempt on Robson, they headed north up the Smoky River valley.

Here they came to a beautiful lake with two small islands, each with a single fir tree growing on it. Twintree Lake, as it was naturally named, was situated ten miles north of Moose Pass, the route by which they had first entered this country.

— Taylor


  • Taylor, William C. The Snows of Yesteryear. J. Norman Collie, Mountaineer. Toronto: Holt, Rinehart and Wilson, 1973

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