Kidd station

Feature type: Railway Point
Province: British Columbia
Location: CNR, SW of Torpy River
Latitude: 53°43’00”
Longitude: 120°58’00”
NTS map: 93H/10
Official name listed at BC Geographical Names

Does this railway station recall Stuart Kidd, manager of Brazeau Trading Company in Nordegg, for whom Mount Kidd in Alberta was named in 1904? The Kidd station was given its name during railway construction in the early 1910s.


  • Holmgren, Eric J. and Holmgren, Patricia M. Over 2,000 place names of Alberta. Saskatoon: Western Producer, 1973

3 thoughts on “Kidd station

  1. David

    I assume the Holmgren reference indicates one of the Kidd brothers as the basis for the Mt. Kidd name. Does this reference also mention Kidd station? If not, why might the naming of Kidd station be linked to Stuart or Fred Kidd?

    1. Swany Post author

      Holmgren indicates Stuart Kidd as the basis for Mt. Kidd. Holmgren does not mention Kidd Station, since the book cited is only about Alberta. Yours is the only mention I have heard about the “Kidd brothers” or Fred Kidd. Do you have more information about the Kidd brothers?

  2. David

    Kidd was on the Grand Trunk Pacific line and Mt. Kidd on the Canadian Pacific line, consequently a name origin link appears spurious. From experience, I am skeptical of the accuracy of place name origins generally. I know for some BC places, I have come across archival newspaper articles from different eras indicating conflicting origins. I assume this is the case for the following:

    Text favouring Stuart Kidd:

    Boles, Glen W., Laurilla, Roger W., & Putnam, William L. (2006). CANADIAN MOUNTAIN PLACE NAMES The Rockies and Columbia Mountains, Rocky Mountain Books, p.144
    “…There were two brothers of this name who ran the general store at the town of Morley. John Alfred Kidd did so from 1902 to 1907, but the summit was named for his brother Stuart (1883–1956), who ran the store for the next four years before moving on to Nordegg. Stuart was elected Chief Tah-Osa of the Stoneys in 1927.”

    Texts favouring John Alfred (Fred) Kidd:

    Kane, Alan. (2016). Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies, 3rd edition. Rocky Mountain Books, p. 174

    Holmgren, Eric J. & Patricia M. (1976). Over 2000 PLACE NAMES OF ALBERTA Third Edition. Western Producer Prairie Books, p. 148
    “Although there is some uncertainty as to the origin of this name, it seems probable that it was after John Alfred Kidd…..”
    (Seemingly, the Holmgrens corrected their earlier edition)


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