Mount Carpé

Name adopted in 1963
Feature type: Mount
Province: British Columbia
Location: S of Canoe River, just SW of Valemount
Latitude: 52°42’00”
Longitude: 119°32’00”
NTS map: 83D/12
Official name listed at BC Geographical Names
Also listed at Geographical Names in Canada
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Allen Carpe. Courtesy Am. A.J.

Allen Carpe. Courtesy Am. A.J.
Canadian Alpine Journal

Rollin T. Chamberlin, L. E. “Slim” Goodell, Allen Carpe, A. L. Withers, George Burns

Rollin T. Chamberlin, L. E. “Slim” Goodell, Allen Carpe, A. L. Withers, George Burns
University of Chicago

The name was adopted at the was suggestion of the Alpine Club of Canada following a proposal by the 1949 mountaineering party of Hendricks and Kauffman.

In 1924 Allen Carpé (1894–1932), R. T. Chambelin, and A. L. Withers went up Tête Creek “and made some fine climbs, among them Sir Wilfrid Laurier.” Carpé was a member of the Alpine club of Canada since 1920. He lost his life on Mount McKinley on or about May 9, 1932.

Carpé is credited with first ascent of Mount Fairweather, the highest peak in British Columbia, and with numerous other first ascents in the province. See descriptions of Carpe’s climbs in Canadian Alpine Journal, Vol XV, 1925, p.129; and in Canadian Alpine Journal Vol XVII, 1928, p.77; and his obituary in Canadian Alpine Journal, Vol XXI, 1932, p.180. Note that CAJ 1925 identifies “Carpe” (no accent), and that Carpe’s signature on 1927 correspondence with the Geographic Board of Canada does NOT include an acute accent, however the accented form “Carpé” appears repeatedly in CAJ 1932 obituary, and in subsequent mountaineering literature.


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