Tumbledick Creek

British Columbia. Creek: Fraser River drainage
Flows S into Monroe Creek, E side of Fraser River just downstream of McBride
53.3586 N 120.2356 W — Map 093H08 — GoogleGeoHack
Name officially adopted in 1980
Official in BCCanada

The creek where George Monroe decided to homestead as he rafted down the Fraser in 1914 has “always been called Tumbledick,” according to his daughter Sadie Frye. The name appears on the 1915 Provincial Pre-emptor’s map. “Near the creek was Ralph Veale’s little white cabin, made of boards when most houses were made of logs.”

The stream flowing southwest through Lot 5341 into the Fraser River is labelled “Tumbledick Creek” on BC map 3H, Tete Jaune, from 1914 to 1958. The main channel has since been re-named “Monroe Creek” and the name “Tumbledick” assigned to a tributary on the north side. Large scale air photos indicate that the mid-channel of Monroe Creek has been diverted by road construction in the vicinity of Lot 9315 and now flows south into the Fraser River; Tumbledick Creek now appears to flow directly into the Fraser River via the original channel through Lot 5341.


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