Gunboat Mountain

British Columbia. Mountain
Premier Range, S of Tête Creek
52.8128 N 119.6306 W — Map 083D13 — GoogleGeoHack
Earliest known reference to this name is 1924
Name officially adopted in 1962
Official in BCCanada
This mountain appears on:
W. A. D. Munday’s map Cariboos 1925 [as Gunboat Ridge]

In July 1925, Walter Alfred Don Munday [1890–1950] and Phyllis Munday [1894–1990] made an expedition into the Cariboo Range. Two parties of climbers had preceded them: Edward Willet Dorland Holway [1853–1923] and Andrew James Gilmour [1871–1941] in 1916; and Allen Carpé [1894–1932] and Rollin Thomas Chamberlin [1881–1948] in 1924.

The latter party made two major climbs, the first ascents of Mt. Titan (11,850 ft.) and Mt. Challenger (10,900 ft.). They also climbed three minor mountains: Gunboat (10,000 ft.); a shoulder of Mt. Titan which they called Bivouac Peak (10,150 ft.) and a triple summit (10,250 ft.), which Mr. Munday refers to as Holway’s Peak, he having made the first ascent of its northerly summit. (The elevation and other names are Mr. Carpé’s.)

— Munday

  • Munday, Walter Alfred Don [1890–1950]. “In the Cariboo Range – Mt. David Thompson.” Canadian Alpine Journal, Vol. 15 (1925):130-136

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