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Arctic Pacific Lakes Park

British Columbia. Provincial Park: Fraser
Mackenzie River drainage
Surrounding Bad River (James Creek), between Parsnip and McGregor Rivers
54°23’04” N 121°33’20” W — Map 93I/5 — GoogleGeoHack
Name officially adopted in 2000. Official in BCCanada

Established 29 June 2000 per Bill 17-2000, Protected Areas of British Columbia Act; the whole containing 13,887 ha. more or less.

This is a unique watershed that straddles the Continental Divide. Arctic Lake drains northwest into the Parsnip River thence the Peace River and eventually into the Mackenzie River and the Arctic Ocean. Portage and Pacific Lakes sit at the headwaters of Bad River (James Creek), which drains into Herrick Creek, thence McGregor River, which empties into the Fraser River on the way to the Pacific Ocean. The park also encloses Little Lake on Bad River.

There does not appear to be a name for this pass between the Arctic and Pacific watersheds.


  • British Columbia Geographical Names. Government of BC. Arctic Pacific Lakes Park. BCGN

Jackman Flats Park

British Columbia. Provincial Park
SE of Tête Jaune Cache
52°56’09” N 119°23’10” W GoogleGeoHack
Name officially adopted in 2002
Official in BCCanada

Jackman Flats Provincial Park is a product of ice and wind. At the end of the last ice age, some 11,000 years ago, winds from the main trench of the Fraser River and from, what is now, Kinbasket Lake, deposited vast quantities of sand in the Jackman Flats area. This created an ecosystem considered unique in British Columbia. Rare plant communities and shifting sand dune structures now exist in this rather small park

Established by Bill 17-2000: Protected Areas of British Columbia Act, 29 June 2000; the whole containing 615 ha. more or less.


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Mount Terry Fox Park

British Columbia. Provincial Park
Adjacent to NW side of Mount Robson Provincial Park
52°57’00” N 119°15’00” W — Map 83D/14 — GoogleGeoHack
Name officially adopted in 1982
Official in BCCanada

Established by Order in Council 1211, 23 June 1982, containing 1930 hectares more or less.

Mount Robson Park

British Columbia. Provincial Park
Vicinity of Mount Robson
52°58’0″ N 118°50’0″ W — Map 083D15 — GoogleGeoHack
Name officially adopted in 1913
Official in BCCanada

This is the second oldest provincial park in British Columbia, established in 1913, and one of the seven national and provincial parks that together comprise the 26,583 sq. km World Heritage Site known as Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks.

In 1911, the Alpine Club of Canada sponsored an expedition to the Mount Robson region. Expedition leader Arthur Oliver Wheeler became ecstatic about “the vast possibilities of this new alpine paradise” — a combination of “snow-covered mountains, ice-encircled amphitheaters, tumbling glaciers, turquoise lakes and flashing waterfalls.” Wheeler urged the government of British Columbia to establish a provincial park at Mount Robson.

The post office at Mount Robson station was open from 1923 to 1955.


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