Roche Miette

Alberta. Mountain
Approximately 30 km northeast of Jasper
53.1467 N 117.9197 W — Map 83 F/4 — GoogleGeoHack
Earliest known reference to this name is 1827 (Ermatinger)
Name officially adopted in 1956
Official in Canada

October 2nd [1827] — Fine weather but cool. The 4 canoes were sent off about 8 o’clock this morning to proceed to the Portage, the 2 large ones, laden with each 15 packs Leather and 3 Cassettes or cases and manned by 6 men — and the 2 old ones each 12 packs 1 Cassette and manned by 5 men. Provisions 1 bag Pemican pr. canoe. At noon our horses being collected and the baggage tied &c. our van marched and the whole party were off from Jasper’s by 1 p.m. All the gentlemen and families go by land to lighten the canoes. Our pieces for this amount 66 packs Leather and parchment, 18 bags pemican with our private baggage and the number of horses we are to employ on the Portage amount to 54. We encamped at 5 p.m. below the point of Mietts Rock, which is high and difficult to pass. The mares are to follow us light to the Portage.

— Ermatinger

According to Gabriel Franchère, this mountain is named after a voyageur by the name of Miette who climbed its south side. Hector said: “the mountain has only once been ascended from the south side by a hunter, named Miette, after whom it was named.” Or perhaps the name is from the Cree word, “my-a-tick,” meaning “mountain sheep.”

The other features take their names from this mountain.


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