Miette River

Alberta. River
Yellowhead Pass to Jasper
Name officially adopted in 1951

Regarding Roche Miette, Peakfinder states:

According to James Hector and folklore, Bonhomme Miette, a French Canadian voyageur and gifted fiddler, made the first ascent by climbing it from its south side.

The name appears on Arrowsmith’s 1859 map and Trutch’s 1871 map.


  • Arrowsmith, John [1790–1873]. Provinces of British Columbia and Vancouver Island; with portions of the United States and Hudson’s Bay Territories (1859). UVic
  • Trutch, Joseph William [1826–1904]. Map of British Columbia to the 56th Parallel North Latitude. Victoria, B.C.: Lands and Works Office, 1871. University of Victoria

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